Carmilla Voiez offers support to indie authors at all stages of their careers. Hire me to assess your manuscript, edit your submission package, write your blurb, line editing, proofreading, promotional video. Has experience editing horror, fantasy, romance, YA, thriller, non-fiction and academic papers.


Editing Services

Finding the right editor for your book can make all the difference. Carmilla Voiez offers competitive rates and flexible services. 

Assessment and feedback for your manuscript: I will look at pace, structure, understandability, timeline, head hopping and plot holes and prepare a report pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of the text.
Fee £40 GBP for up to 25,000 words
Fee £65 GBP for up to 50,000 words
Fee £95 GBP for up to 100,000 words​

Full edit of your manuscript: 
Stage one - I will go through your manuscript, looking at pace, structure, understandability, timeline, head hopping and plot holes. I will point out problems and suggest changes.  
Stage two - I will deal with grammar issues, including tenses, punctuation and sentence structure, spelling (British or American English only); language, including repetition, voice and pace to ensure your message comes across as clearly and elegantly as possible. My changes will be logged, and I will suggest improvements where applicable. 
Stage three - When you have actioned all changes, I will proofread your manuscript. On request, I can also format the book with the desired page breaks and margins. 
Fee £80 per 10,000 words (rounded up to the nearest 10,000).
This can be paid for as one whole or by the chapter if preferred.​
For full editing services please allow at least 4 weeks for the optimum service.

Proofread your manuscript or article: I will check spelling (British or US English) and basic grammar, correcting any obvious mistakes.
Fee £25 per 10,000 words.

You are welcome to use the automated order service (visit SHOP page) to pay for your order, or email me at to discuss your requirements.

Mentoring and tutoring:

I offer tutoring in English language and literature (up to SQA Higher or A'Level), or one-to-one mentoring for aspiring authors. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


I review horror and dark fantasy on my blog and for Ginger Nuts of Horror. My favourite reads tend to include strong characterisation, vivid descriptions, and magic or the supernatural - think Clive Barker, Toni Morrison and Adam Nevill. I am unlikely to respond well to gratuitous depictions of rape or sexual assault, poor editing, and flat characters. Although I look for things to admire about the books I read, my review will be honest. Please do not ask me to review your work if criticism is likely to offend. I only accept paperback ARCs and no more than four per month. If you are interested, please contact me to check my availability. I do not charge for book reviews.

Other services:

​Video production for book trailers: Glen W Hunter can compose music and create a video to showcase your latest release. 
Send enquiries to


My novel Ink Calls to Ink had gone through at least eight revisions/rewrites with two different editors and three beta readers before it was picked up for publication by CHBB Publishing. They handed the manuscript over to Carmilla Voiez for final editing. I figured the manuscript was in pretty good shape considering how much work it had seen before getting to her, so I anticipated a reasonably quick turn-around. Not only did she find, fix, and standardize things no one else had managed to catch or even think about, she did it quickly and painlessly. The work she did for my novel was astounding. I couldn’t have hoped for better.
- Nathan Crowder 

I have worked with Carmilla Voiez as editor on my young adult contemporary romance novel, Dismantling Evan. Her keen eye for details, description, and the overall flow of content and plot have definitely made my manuscript shine. Not only has she improved my manuscript, she has improved me as a writer explaining along the way why certain things work and others don't in the manuscript. She is expeditious with her work, which I am so grateful for, while still being thorough. There was no point in which I felt the editing of my manuscript was cheated by a quick read through. I am happy to say that because of Carmilla's hard work, Dismantling Evan has received a 5 star review from Readers' Favorite Editorial Review - a professional review service. I highly recommend Carmilla Voiez's editing services.
- Venessa Kimball 

As a new author I was nervous about the whole editing process. Carmilla made it easy and fun! She made my manuscript better than I ever could. I highly recommend her services and will want to use her for all my future novels. 
A.B. Novak (author of Mr Blackwell)

​I first approached Carmilla in a very shy and humble fashion. Having been a fan of her Starblood trilogy and a little nervous, I did not anticipate that she would be available to a new writer such as myself. My fears were very quickly extinguished by not only her immediate professionalism but also her kindness and instant interest in my project. In fact I did not know how to respond at first to her enthusiasm and drive, except of course with immense gratitude. I had a total of thirteen stories I needed edited and expected this to take some considerable time, which was also stressing me, as I had a looming deadline. This also proved to be of no problem. The turnaround was fantastic. And the results were amazing! Things I never would have caught she picked out with ease. When all was said and done I left with total confidence in the quality of my project and a sense of total satisfaction. Carmilla, I address you in this review to tell you once more before anyone that reads this, to thank you for your kindness, your enthusiasm, your fast results and for the quality in which you performed as editor. I recommend you very highly to anyone with no hesitation and total confidence!
- David Storm (Horror Fiction Writer, Artist, Photographer and Actor)

​Carmilla has just edited my third book and as always it has been a great experience. When she writes, Carmilla has a supernatural ability to play with words. They dance for her. This comes across in her editing advice. Sometimes she’ll suggest single word changes that transform passages. At other times she will identify passages that need overhauls. She will prompt you into working that bit harder to make something okay into something great. This is really noticeable when I throw in a lazy sentence I have become blind to. I really appreciate the dedication, accuracy and speed with which Carmilla works. I’ve also learned a lot during all three projects. So writers, if you’re considering an edit for your work. I have no hesitation in recommending Camilla Voiez. No matter what crimes you commit against grammar and punctuation, she will help you improve with constructive, meaningful feedback. Your manuscript will be the best it can be and you’ll become a better writer.
- Paul Grover (author of Ghost of the Vale)

​I asked Carmilla for her help with the submissions package for my psychological thriller. She found the single most important issue with my opening chapters, and her close reading pinpointed lazy prose that I'd missed. She was both brilliant and brutal with the dreaded synopsis. Brutal is high praise - it is rare to find an editor who gets straight to the heart of the problems, and without that we can't improve our work. The novel has a complex plot with two narrative strands and I couldn't see the wood for the trees. Carmilla was able to highlight all the areas where I was fuzzy and where I had not properly elucidated key plot points. Her clarity and focus helped to simplify the synopsis while maintaining the key story elements. I cannot recommend Carmilla's editorial services highly enough. She is a fine editor and has a strong instinct for prose, story and structure.
- Ann Rawson (author of The Witch House and A Savage Art)